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June 18 – 22, 2017
Transducers 2017
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

June 25 – 30, 2017
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Washington, DC

July 11 – 13, 2017
Intersolar NA 2017
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San Francisco , CA

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Our Focus is on the Customer

OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced instruments, meters, and test equipment for the UV Curing, Lithography, 3D Printing, Sterilization, Medical, Photovoltaic and Solar Industries, and MEMS. With over 43 years of proven experience in the instrument business, OAI has thousands of precision meters and instruments in use around the world.

OAI offers an extensive family of meters and instruments that deliver exceptional, long-term performance top reliability and value. From UV Energy Light Meters and UV Intensity Energy Light Meters to UV Curing Radiometers and Solar Power Meters, OAI's instruments are counted among the finest and most reliable in the world.

NEW Services from OAI

Resistivity Testing Service for Conductive and Non-Conductive Materials

OAI Resistivity Test Lab
Answering the growing demand for resistivity testing, OAI is now offering conductive and non-conductive materials testing in their Resistivity Test Lab in San Jose, CA. Tests are completed within ten days of receipt of test sample material, and each test results in a comprehensive report. Resistance is measured in ohms; resistivity is measured in ohms/square (surface resistivity) and ohms•cm (volume resistivity).

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About resistivity measurement
A material's resistance is simply defined as its inherent resistance to current flow in ohms. Surface resistivity (or sometimes called sheet resistance) describes the resistance within an area of the sample. To distinguish surface resistivity from resistance, surface resistivity is usually expressed in units of Ω/square.